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About Annabelle-Caroline Breuer-Udo

Hi there, welcome to my side” Transformation From Inside Out And Outside In”.

I’m Annabelle-Caroline Breuer-Udo.I’m a certified professional coach (ACC, CPCC), Osteopath, Naturopath, Psychotherapist, TriYoga Instructor, and Writer.My focus lies in somatic coaching, great story coaching,relationship coaching, leadership from inside out, self-leadership, yoga and psychology and process-oriented psychology.

This blog and website is the home of my life’s work.I write about how to transform and change our life from inside out and outside in according to our body-mind-soul system and to our world based on scientific researches, life experiences, medical wisdom and psychological knowledge.

Let me tell you a bit about my own life story,experiences, and transformation.
Enjoy traveling with me.

It was my deep connection to nature from my early childhood on, that planted the seeds of hope in me and a strong belief that we all human beings have a purpose in life and everyone matters.There’s no right and wrong, no superior and inferior, no labeling-you matter as you are and where you are in your life.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family with a lot of tension and painful experiences that impacted my childhood and youth.I perceived the world partly as unsafe and I was cautious with human beings according to trust. Because of this challenging start into this world and this life I developed a core lie in my mindset which was called as followed: “I don’t matter, I’m not good enough and I don’t belong” followed by a fear of being visible or judged.In my teens, I experienced one of my core wound in my life that was called “the wound of betrayal of trust”.It happened in my first meaningful romantic relationship.This hurtful and harmful experience confirmed and fed my core lie and added thought patterns such as “I’m not worth it” or “not lovable”.Based on this victim story in my life I created my overcoming story of approval and striving on my career path.

And I started a successful career as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Naturopath and Psychotherapist and became married.I did work with clients, physicians and hospital environments for 20+years.I also owned experiences in leading a practice+team and motivating teams in hospitals.This time of my life was filled with a lot of passion and adventure and at the same time, some body pain was running in the background.At this time I was striving and I didn’t give attention to this pain, I ignored my body to listen to the message of the pain. After years of putting all my energy into my practice,my education and marriage I felt a change was needed as I was stuck as well in my professional life as in my marriage.I started to pay attention to my body and I took osteopathy sessions, practiced yoga and later on in addition I experienced coaching that supported me in learning to dream again, getting new perspectives, new learnings and, understandings about myself. And I followed my dream to move from the city closer to nature to the beautiful mountains in Germany.This decision and challenge took courage and it was exciting at the same time.It was meant to learn to letting go. I let go of my part of my own practice shared with a partner in the city. I let go of my role as a practice owner and leader of a team and I let go of some friendships and the city life. I also let go of some emotional experiences.

Short after starting my life in the new environment in the mountains my marriage didn’t last any longer.My heart was broken yet when it ended I felt like I was being released from a cage.I felt for the first time in my life to be on my own. I was encouraged to follow every inspiration,I could feel my passion for life to discover new things, my wild, adventurous side has become alive again and I’ve started learning to take care of myself, to take responsibility for my life and to learn what it means to love myself.In this time Yoga, running and nature were the three of my biggest resources and supporter to transform my life from inside out and outside in and to give me hope in times of life transition and exploration the potential of the unknown in life.

It was liberating to explore that I could either choose to continue to identify with my pain of grief loss and heartbreak or to claim my life on my own.With curiosity, I followed my choice to claim my life and I followed my heart to become a coach and my longing to expand my experience in leadership and process-oriented psychology.I have become aware of a part of me that is a soul seeker, lightworker and, warrior of love and peace.The soul seeker and warrior of love and peace is the beautiful wisdom I was taught by the pain of my main core wounds in my life and the core lie of my victim story. Each story in our life has two sides of a coin-the dark/shadow side and the light/wise side whether it is our victim story in life, the overcoming story or our great story in our life.We all have our victim, overcoming and the great story in life.It is our choice to (re)claim to be the author of our book of life.

I followed my hope to trust love again and I followed my heart to receive true love in this life. And on that path, a door opened one day and I met the love of my life-my husband.At the beginning of our romance, we had to face a few challenges such as a long-distance relationship between Germany and the United States.Once we decided to move under one roof in the United States a big dream become true.We got engaged and I remarried. It was a big step and huge life transition at the same time.It took courage again to step into the unknown of a new life in a new country and a new culture and history and letting go of a lovely mountain part in Germany, clients, friends, family and the country of my origin. And again this decision and challenge required the process of letting go and grief in my life and on the other hand it filled my heart with excitement and joy.

During my time of transition, I followed my calling to become a TriYoga Instructor after practicing Yoga for about 12+ years. It helped me to integrate this big life transition into my whole body-mind-soul system.This radical shift in my being and the awareness of becoming the author of my own life was the trigger to follow my calling to use my own life experience and my professional experience as an osteopath, coach, healer, naturopath,process-oriented psychology facilitator and TriYoga Instructor to help and support people to find their greatest self, their soul and, purpose in this life.And to bring love, light and, peace into this world.

I learned to set down my fear of being visible and judged and I increased self-esteem, self-confidence and my belief that I matter. I learned to listen to my body, the message behind pain and body-symptoms, to reconnect to my greatest gift my intuition and highly emotional sensitivity.I’ve learned to process all kind of emotions, to work with my shadow, to break thought patterns and beliefs and create new raw material of expansion of hope, passion, gratitude, and courage.It opened the river of flow of freedom and full self-expression.I became aware of the wounded healer in me and the vulnerable warrior of love and peace. And I’m still learning as I see life as the curriculum of our life.

I feel ready to serve the world and contribute to change the world with coaching, healing,self-leadership, leadership from inside out, bodywork, process work and writing.I support to plant the seeds of hope and courage in those who long for a change in life- a change from inside-out and outside in to live a more fulfilled, purposeful, authentic, and healthy life.

I help to explore what are the seeds you want to plant and what are the dreams you want to birth?

I’m grateful to do what I’m passionate about-writing to inspire, coaching clients to find their authentic best self/spiritual self, help others to develop their self-leadership, discover their great story in life, providing TriYoga and Psychology, somatic coaching, relationship coaching and process-oriented psychology, facilitating workshops and retreats focused on relationships and body-mind-spirit. I’m passionate about restoring systems, supporting to cross edges, finding and (re)connecting to the soul and to our body wisdom-the wisdom of our physical and subtle body.The focus of my work is about transformation, change, inner work, working with body symptoms, shadow work,self-development, dreams, heart-centered values, visions, healing, spirituality, and leadership. It is for individuals, relationships, couples, systems, and groups.

Are you longing for a change in your life and more freedom and inner peace? Do you want to transform your life from inside out or outside in?

Feel free to contact me for information about how osteopathy, coaching, process-oriented psychology,self-leadership,TriYoga in combination with coaching and psychology and bodywork can transform your life.

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