My Experience Of Undoubtedly Connection To All And The Feeling Of “Oneness”

In this Blog I will travel with you in the first part through my experience of “ONENESS,” and in the second part, I will reflect on “ONENESS” and SEPARATION in today’s world. Enjoy traveling with me!

Recently somebody asked me do you remember an incident where you felt at ONE with the Universe and undoubtedly connected to all?
Me: “Yes, I do indeed. This moment was intense and priceless.”

It was on a beautiful summer day when I was outdoors in the mountains for hiking, I stopped at the river, that crossed my path, and I took a pause.I was sitting on a stone and connecting with nature, observing the beautifully clear, blue water of the river.I was listening to the flow of water and the singing birds around me.The smell of the air was crystal clear, and the feeling of the cool water on my hands and feet was very refreshing.My thoughts were coming and going, and I could literally feel how I sunk deeper and deeper into nature.
It was an experience where I felt held so firmly by nature and something bigger, and in this moment I got an image of two big hands, sitting and leaning in them and I felt full of trust and enveloped into boundless love.

At this time I had no words to express this experience.Today I describe it as the experience with the higher intelligence-an intelligence what’s more than us.
This moment made me feel like I’m nature and nature is me. And I thought what I see in you, you can see in me, I can see it in everyone, and everyone can see it in me-we’re all one.

My whole body felt relaxed, my heart wide open, tears of joy were running, and the sparkling energy of life run through my whole body.I felt so at peace in that moment. I can still feel it as if it was yesterday and it is imprinted on my whole system. Meanwhile, there are more events that allow me to feel and see the “oneness” in daily life frequently. For instance moments with my husband, at work when I’m working with my clients, with specific friends or in a circle of nurturing people.

Those moments are precious and priceless, and I’m feeling in Awww!

We’re knowing a lot, yet we don’t know everything, there’s a higher intelligence that is with us, and that is connecting us.
This deep feeling of knowing that there is something more than this mundane existence. A deep feeling of the ONE, that is beyond us, but still us.

Where in your life do you have moments of feeling the ONE and undoubtedly connected to all “others”?


We’re living in a time of turmoil that can quickly create separation and on the other hand, it is a time of great awakening and illumination. The dysbalance and tension are to experience in front of our door daily. Because of this, the moments of oneness I mentioned above are essential for oneself and our society in order to bring more healing, connection, collaboration, wholeness, and illumination into today’s world and walk from illusion towards truth.

It’s notable a dysbalance of our minds and collective minds, in our consciousness and unmanifested nature that can lead us to separation and destructive conflicts rather than constructive conflicts and oneness. Therefore it is necessary to become aware of states of separation to balance the dysbalance and create a field of resonance instead of dissonance.

It is advisable to learn to understand the impact and different function of our mindset that often guides us to separation to my point of view.

What does happen in times of separation with our body and mind?

My observation of people to consider them holistically is aligned with the perspective of Yoga Psychology. This aspect contemplates body-mind AND soul as interconnected.
In Yoga Psychology the body consists of 5 layers imaginable like an onion. One layer is called the mental/emotional/mind layer, and it contains our mind stuff, story’s, thought patterns, beliefs, responses, reactions, feelings.

In my reflection, the focus is on one of the 5 layers-the mental/emotional/mind layer according to our soul/spirit and its function and impact on separation.
According to this layer during imbalance, our pure souls and spirits are trapped in false identifications of self.
The mind layer can quickly become disturbed by thought patterns, traumas, core wounds, false beliefs that guide to feelings of separation, not belonging and suffering.

And we all have life experiences carrying in our backpack of little to significant traumas and small to large wounds.
“Yoga psychology recognizes the sources of human suffering as humans’ false identification with this “separate” self (Turner, 2017, p.35).”

For that reason, I’m a great advocate of taking responsibility and being disciplined to do our inner work daily, to do bodywork frequently, to bring consciousness towards wholeness/oneness, to bring consciousness into form and to bring balance into our body-mind-soul system.

If we focus on our mental/emotional/ mind layer, it’s about to learn to observe our mind with curiosity, to observe what we’re thinking, to observe our stories and narratives running through our head, to observe our emotions and our feelings in our body and our selfs. It is about to aim wholeness by integrating the unconscious parts such as impulses, emotional residue, complexes and defense behavior with conscious awareness.It’s not about being joyful all the time. It’s not necessary that we’re seeking joy all the time. That is not realistic, it’s not the truth, and it’s not nature of reality.
It is natural that the waves of life appear in the dualities or polarities such as ups and downs, insides and outs, the beauty and ugliness of life.

How can we contribute to making a difference?

One significant step is to understand this layer of our body and to”understand the mind; study the mind; and know this machinery well, and also know how to manage it ( Swami Sivananda).” Another step to contribute to change is to do our inner work frequently and integrate it into our bodies just as you brush your teeth.

You may know the saying “our issues lie in our tissues.”

And followed by these steps above we might ride our waves of life with a greater awareness and inner state of contentment and inner peace.

If we learn and enhance to understand oneself more deeply, we can understand each other much better on different levels. Deeper Understanding can guide to deeper connections and more intimate( into me see) relationships and more “ONENESS.” It can lead to a whole resonant field and create powerful relationships everywhere. “Resonance is where physics meets psyche. When we are in resonance with each other, we can create powerful transformation and the natural evolution of energy and consciousness (Turner, 2017).”

I hope more people will be committed to themselves and do their inner work, bodywork and shadow work. My experience of inner work, bodywork and shadow work helped me to get breakthroughs in life. It’s beneficial and has a massive impact on creating “ONENESS” and abundance in life and today’s world.

Do you like to know more about inner work, bodywork or shadow work? Reach out; I would love to talk to you….

Transform your life from inside out and outside in!

Annabelle-C. Breuer-Udo is a Certified Professional Coach(ACC), Osteopath and TriYoga Instructor.She is experienced in bodywork & coaching, somatic coaching, great story coaching, relationship coaching, process-oriented psychology, and self-leadership.

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