Coaching and leadership from inside out and outside in

What is it about?

I listen deeply to different levels and also read and listen between the lines. I support my clients in their process of change, growth, and transformation from the inside out and outside in to awaken consciousness about choices, perspectives, dreams, visions, values, challenges, body messages, thought patterns and emotions. My role as a coach is that of a wise companion along the way. There’s no assumption of expertise, leadership or superiority in any way.I don’t argue about the way, I don’t criticize any mistake, I witness the struggles and I offer a presence that is nourishing and warm, challenging, humorous, hopeful, encouraging, authentic, honest and direct. I’m opening the space for healing, transformation, and change from inside out and outside in.

My coaching approach is a fusion of goal-focused, and developmental coaching. Goal-focused with its emphasis on achieving tasks and developmental which uses critical analysis, exploration and reflection to encourage shifts in choices, perspectives and being.It includes a change in the way of being.

A part of my coaching is about discovering and exploring with my client’s wobbly stones in their life associated with themes such as Highly emotional sensitive, status, power, privilege, money, external environment, creativity, sexuality, spirituality, occupation, and relationships.

The focus of my work is about transformation, change, inner work, shadow work, working with body symptoms/pain, self-development, dreams, heart-centered values, visions, healing, spirituality, and leadership from inside out/ self-leadership.Part of my coaching is called somatic coaching, great story coaching and process oriented psychology facilitation.It is for individuals, relationships, couples, systems, and groups.

The elements of goal focused and developmental coaching is integrated into my relationship coaching. I use three main contexts in it: coaching for single people to form relationships, coaching for couples to enhance their relationship and coaching for parents to create a better relationship with their children and teenagers.

I have an expertise in coaching for children and youth.
Examples for application: difficulties in school, problems to concentrate and focus, bullying, highly emotional sensitive….

Somatic Coaching

“The issue lies in your tissue.”
Learn to listen deeply to your body and body wisdom. (Re)Connect to your intuition, your deepest inner knowing. Work with body symptoms and pain whether it’s emotional or physical pain. Learn to translate and understand the messages of your body. Learn to take care of your body-mind and soul.Learn to develop compassion, radical self-love and self-acceptance. Learn to set healthy boundaries.

Great Story Coaching

“Real Change is an emotional process.”
Discover your victim story, overcoming story and the great story in your life and claim your authority and responsibility to become your own author of your book of life.

Process Coaching & Facilitation:

It is based on process-oriented psychology and founded by Dr. Arnold Mindell, a Jungian analyst, physicist, and author. Today it is described as an approach to awareness and used in individual coaching, leadership development, organizational work, psychotherapy and in the world of medicine, politics, and art.
There is a huge applied part called World work. It addresses the facilitation and transformation of conflict in small or large group processes. It is the idea of Deep Democracy, which describes the importance of every voice and the diversity of the voices as significant. It leads to wiser and more sustainable whole.

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