4 Essential Keys To Complete A Year And Get Ready For New Year

It is the season of winter and the arc of this year, 2017 comes to its end and the new arc for the new year 2018 will begin very soon.I’m a great advocate to complete an old year with intention and invite the new year intentionally. It is powerful and impactful for your wellbeing, for your body, your soul, and your mindset and your health and aliveness. It brings consciousness into this moment and this life.

4 Impactful Keys to support your transition:

#Key 1: Slowing Down And Review Of The Year
Winter, I love this time of the year. It is a beautiful season to withdraw and to slow down our monkey mind. The monkey mind where thoughts are jumping from one thing to another like a monkey is jumping from one tree to another. It is a time to reflect on your life with conscious awareness and to review the past seasons of this year. It is a time of incubation that can be used to ponder on a few questions such as :

What were the highlights and challenges this year?
What was disappointing and what went well?
What am I grateful for?
What is still open and not completed?
What do you want to let go and leave in the old year and what do you want to take within the new year?

A few days ago I took a break intentionally to set up the room beautifully with a candle, soft music in the background, a cup of tea and I journaled about these questions. After this time for myself, I felt very relieved in my body, freed up and well prepared for a completion ritual and invitation ritual.

#Key 2: Mindfulness With Our Body And In The Time Of Winter
Winter is related to the direction of north and the element of earth.If your earth element is out of balance, it calls us forth to be mindful and restore our body by balancing the physical activity and physical rest. It invites us to pay attention to nutrition to balance our physical body and to bring it back into connection and balance with the other elements within us.Overall it encourages us to bring consciousness into your physical life and to maintain self-care.Bring any movement/exercise in your physical life that brings you into contact with your body especially in winter.
What kind of movement/ exercise? Any kind!
For instance dancing like Salsa, climbing, hiking, gardening, tai chi, yoga……..
Especially in the time of winter and at the end of a year we lose connection to our body for reasons like feeling stressed out, laziness, weather conditions etc. Often we prefer to stay more indoor, tending to turn into couch potatoes, eating more unhealthy food.
This season I’ve committed to mindful running frequently during the week no matter what the weather and temperature conditions are like and I’ve stayed tuned to practicing yoga regularly. I’ve paid attention to healthy nutrition to give my immune system a boost.It is such a great experience and makes me feel very vitalized. I can only recommend it, everybody.

#Key 3: Rituals For Completion And Invitation
In the wheel of a year, we can create powerful rituals frequently. One necessary ritual in the wheel of a year is the transition from the old year to the new year to my point of view. It completes a year and the arc of 4 seasons and gives clarification. At the same time, it invites the new year the arc of the next 4 seasons with great awareness. We can practice detachment of anything that’s no longer serving us, cleansing and empty our mindset to open space in our brain, renew the space consciously to plant the seeds for the new year and new beginnings.

Have you ever had the experience of a ritual? What was the impact on you?

I love setting up rituals and celebrations and practicing them. It is great fun and a profound experience to do it with somebody together or in a group. For instance my husband and I we love doing rituals together. It is bonding for us and for myself, it connects me to myself, to my essence of who I am, to my center and soul, to my magnificence. For both of us, it expands consciousness and gives clarification.

#Key 4: Setting Intentions For A New Year
Often I hear the question what the difference between setting the intention and setting goals is? There’s a difference between goal setting and setting intentions. Setting intentions is a clear statement of being connected to your feelings. It is about checking in with the most profound essence of yourself to ask yourself questions such as:

What changes do you want to see in your next year?
How do you want to feel inside in 2018?
What is the word or the theme for 2018 for you?

By receiving the answers, feel your body sensation and bring it into manifestation. Bring the feeling into your body and observe where do you feel it in your body, in which part of your body do you feel the feeling of love or peace or freedom as an example?
As soon as you bring your desired feeling in your body, it begins to set roots into the present life and consensus reality.

Before setting the intentions, it is significant to be clear about what you want in 2018 and what are you longing and seeking for? Be aware of the motivation and ensure that you come from a place where you manifest what you want “now” and in the present moment rather than coming from a place of an old story or the experience.

Setting intentions is a powerful experience to my point of view, and I integrate it very often into my daily life by setting my intention for a day, too.

I was also asking myself the questions according to 2018 that I mentioned above. In this process, I became aware of a dysbalance in my life between giving and receiving I experienced for some years. I loved giving to others and still do. However, I forgot to give myself from time to time and to receive. It was more like that I gave the mask of oxygen others first before I gave it to me.It ended with feelings of exhaustion and sometimes resentment as the glass was empty.

Giving and receiving belongs together. From my today’s perspective and my learning from the past, it is necessary to give the mask of oxygen first oneself with a few exceptions. I want to be more at ease and to enjoy receiving and giving from an overflowing glass of water instead from an empty glass in 2018.

It is also on my list of intentions for 2018 to set healthy and flexible boundaries to cultivate balance in life. That includes being mindful and paying attention to certain things. Wondering what nurtures me, which relationships/ friendships are sustaining, what groups are cultivating, what kind of work is feeding, what kind of activities/ exercises, what kind of food is nourishing?

Another intention of the new year coming deeply from my heart is to contribute to the healing of certain world issues whether it happens individually or in group settings and to spread hope for more peace in this turmoil of today’s world.

I’m highly motivated to settle down the roots more and more in the new home, new culture and to ground.I’m excited about all the new possibilities coming up in 2018, and I’m hopeful for the new path of career and life here in 2018.
It is time to focus on what is most aligned with my deepest desires and needs.

I hope you will complete this year with high conscious and you will have a great start to the new year.
May your dreams become true in 2018! And may you feel the knowing that we are all held in the great fabric called “Life”.

Happy new year!

Do you like to know more about setting intentions and rituals? Reach out; I would love to talk to you….you can contact me to set up a call by emailing at: ab@annabelle-breuer.com
And stay tuned for upcoming events in 2018 on my husbands’ and my facebook event side : http://www.facebook.com/annabelleokokonevents

With gratitude,

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8 Replies to “4 Essential Keys To Complete A Year And Get Ready For New Year”

  1. Sweetie, I L❤VE this post. Thanks for outlining the keys in such an inviting and compelling way. I am honored to be journeying through 2017 with you as we purposefully usher in 2018. I was particularly struck by this statement you made: “Wondering what nurtures me, which relationships/ friendships are sustaining, what groups are cultivating, what kind of work is feeding, what kind of activities/ exercises, what kind of food is nourishing?”. Thanks for the profound impact you have on my life. I can’t wait to dance with you in 2018.❤

    1. Sweetheart, many thanks for your acknowledgment and your feedback!I very appreciate your feedback and perspective.It’s is always impactful.I’m glad to hear that you stumbled across this statement.It seems like you got some food for thoughts.I’m happy to dance with you in 2018!

  2. This is excellent. It hits right in the solar plexus. I will think about these questions and jot them down in a notebook when I’m on a plane to Calif–time to be alone which I crave. Happy New Year and much love and success to you.

    1. Wow Paula, thank you for your feedback! This is powerful “right in the solar plexus”-that’s our center of power and self! Enjoy the quality time you’ll have for yourself alone and safe travel to California.Happy New Year to you and your family.Sending you much love!

  3. I really like this Annabelle. Monkey Mind, made me smile, I’m thankful I’m not the only one and glad you have given it a name that helps me to get more familiar with it. I look forward to more from you in 2018 xxxx

    1. I’m happy you liked it Susie. Yes,you aren’t the only one with a monkey mind running around.I’m sure there are many more monkey minds jumping around every day and creating a jungle full of monkey minds.
      Stay tuned for more coming in 2018.xxxx

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