Learn how advanced holistic health & transformational life coaching can not only manage your stress, and pain, but heal it.


My name is Annabelle Breuer-Udo, and I’d like to welcome you to your new body, mind, and soul awareness.

As an experienced holistic health coach & transformational life coach, practitioner of osteopathic medicine,yogi, passionate meditation instructor and deep listener I intimately understand the different levels of stress and pain and how they can affect our bodies, live  and various personalities, both inside and out.

I’m passionate about motivating people to live a healthy, balanced, and purposeful life. My passion is to inspire people to live from their truest Self and help people who are struggling with chronic stress-induced pain and are looking for a holistic solution that does more than just masks the pain.

Through compassionate guidance and goal-focused  coaching, you will learn to live with more balance, choice, lasting freedom, joy and mindfulness from the inside out and outside in.

I’m the author of this book “The Magic About Pain.”


I came to Annabelle to get a consultation and treatment of Osteopathy. Because of her high sensitivity and empathy, she already knew before me where my blockages had crept in. Through my coaching with Annabelle and her significant experience and high emotional sensitivity, I could resolve my issues, and my perspectives have changed positively. I’m looking back with gratitude to this intense time of coaching, and I feel happy knowing that I can get back to her anytime. I recommend her and her work to 100%.


E-Commerce Manager

Dear Annabelle, my heart is full of gratitude. Thousand thanks for your inconceivably essential accompaniment in the last years, your cordiality, your interest, your curiosity, your perseverance, your benevolence, your critical questions, your intuition, your inspiration, the right impulse at the right time, your humor, the common laughter, the room for tears, a lot of growth and development, space for rest and restlessness, and that you have always seen the best in me.


Social Worker


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